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Domestic abuse suspected in Wisconsin woman's death

After reports surface of violence or death, it is sometimes hard to know the exact cause. While some may suspect foul play, the circumstances of an event often obscure the facts. Unfortunately, domestic abuse is a common cause of violence and death in Kenosha and throughout Wisconsin.

After an unidentified young woman's body was found in a burned house in Mount Pleasant, a Kenosha family has indicated that they believe they know who the woman was. That woman's family now thinks that their daughter and sister was the victim of domestic violence, killed by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Even before the Kenosha family suggested a possible identity for the victim, police believed that the woman was a homicide victim, although it was unclear whether the fire was the cause of her death or a cover-up.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common occurrence. Domestic violence is a tricky situation, however, because in many cases, the case against an accused is built on allegations alone. In most relationships, there are arguments and disputes. When onlookers are present or one part of the couple becomes especially angry and vengeful, domestic violence accusations can be levied, resulting in serious consequences for an accused, including domestic assault charges. In many states, including Wisconsin, there are mandatory arrest laws that require the arrest of one of the involved parties in certain domestic situations when police are called.

Because of the serious penalties that generally result from accusations of domestic violence, a vigorous defense is essential to protect a person's professional and personal life and reputation. With the help of a qualified attorney, Wisconsin residents can successfully defend against domestic abuse charges, getting the charges dropped or reduced or winning a non-guilty verdict.

Source: MountPleasantPatch, "Homicide Victim ID Expected Soon," Heather Asiyanbi, Jan. 3, 2013

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